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Content accessed (12/7/16) and reproduced from Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Docs, and Google.

Content accessed (12/12/16) and reproduced from Canvas.

Across four videos, Paige’s lengthiest activities were as follows: reading and taking notes on a history PowerPoint* (15:00), searching for school email addresses and drafting emails about a fundraiser* (11:04), working on a science assignment by reading on and typing into a spreadsheet* (8:12), shopping for clothes* (7:29), editing a club spreadsheet with student contact information (2:48), scrolling through her Facebook news feed* (2:10), looking on Canvas for school assignments (1:40), and reading articles about Taylor Swift* and quitting sugar* (1:30; 1:05).

*Those marked with an asterisk were viewed and discussed during the participant’s stimulated recall interview.