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A note on permissions: Appropriate permissions (parent consent and student assent) were obtained for these videos to be posted on this website. Participants agreed to have their identifying information visible in these videos. Some of the web content visible in the videos was reproduced under fair use. Sites accessed are linked in attributions beneath each video clip. When websites gave express permission for their content to be posted, that is indicated beneath the video. Some proprietary images, such as logos, are blurred.


Stuti  spoke frequently about her love of reading.  Her friends regularly discuss books in person and online.  In her videos, she spent a lot of time reading on Goodreads, a social network for readers, and researching triangles to review for math. 9th grade, female

Dylan  described his interest in music.  In his videos, he read about rock and metal music for fun, and wrote about “how to play guitar” for a school assignment.  While researching Islam for English class, he took regular breaks to adjust his Spotify music playlist. 9th grade, male

Kiley  shared that she hopes to become an English teacher and likes to read and write poetry for fun.  In her videos, she wrote a poem, played a video game, studied for chemistry, and read the beginning of two short stories. 10th grade, female

Trevor   spent most of the study reading about sports.  He read extensively about an upcoming football game, and tailored his chemistry project to create a periodic table of sports teams.  He also installed a program that allows him to play console video games on his school computer. 10th grade, male

Samantha  spoke frequently about her efforts to balance work for school with purposeful breaks to stay calm.  In between completing homework for English, chemistry, and A.P history, she played a computer puzzle game, listened to music created digital art on a design program, Canva, and read online summaries of a television drama. 11th grade, female

David  shared that he likes to read online newspaper articles to stay informed about current events.  After completing a virtual notecard set to study for a French test, David browsed online, looking up electronics and concert tickets, and reading about the upcoming presidential election. 11th grade, male

Paige  used her computer for school, extracurricular, and personal purposes.  She read a PowerPoint from her teacher to review for a history test and researched preschools to advertise an upcoming fundraiser she helped to organize.  She went on Facebook to look at a friend’s photos and read articles posted by Teen Vogue.  She shopped for clothing online, browsing and putting items in a virtual shopping cart. 12th grade, female

Ethan  primarily used his school computer for classwork, such as researching the wildlife in Ecuador for a science report, or reading a teacher’s model for an English essay.  His lengthiest activity was copying over transcript information from his report card to an online college application.  When he completed his school work during a study hall period, he played an online car racing game while chatting with friends. 12th grade, male