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Content accessed (12/8/16) and reproduced from Google, Loudwire (1), Loudwire (2), and YouTube.

Content accessed (12/5/16) and reproduced with permission from 30 Facts about Islam.

Content accessed (12/4/16) and reproduced from Microsoft Word and Google.

Across four videos, Dylan’s lengthiest activities were as follows: looking over “How to Easily Learn Guitar: No Skill Required” document, writing, and adjusting the formatting* (10:13), writing about his uncle’s dog for a “weekly writing assignment”* (9:47), reading a slideshow on “Top 66 Hard Rock + Metal Guitarists of all Time”* (6:05), writing facts about Islam on a Google document* (5:23), reading movie box office numbers on Rotten Tomatoes* (2:10), reading “30 Facts about Islam” article (2:07), searching for and listening to Pink Floyd videos on YouTube (1:50), reading an article about Grammy music award nominees* (1:19)

*Those marked with an asterisk were viewed and discussed during the participant’s stimulated recall interview.