Mindfulness & Social and Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Are you looking to add mindfulness or social and emotional learning (SEL) activities to your teaching?

My two latest publications discuss mindfulness and social and emotional learning in the English classroom. Both articles share tech-free lessons that can be adapted across grade levels and content areas.

“Mindful ELA: Lessons from a Grassroots Wellness Initiative” (see below) tells the story of a teacher-led movement to increase wellness in a high school, and then zooms in on several mindfulness lessons from two English teachers’ classrooms.

“An Imaginary Party Sparks Academic Conversations” (see below) describes a lesson that uses improvisation and play to help students develop their speaking and interpersonal skills while discussing academic topics.

Zucker, L. & Kiely, J. (2018). Mindful ELA: Lessons from a grassroots wellness initiative. English Leadership Quarterly40(4), 10-13. Copyright of National Council of Teachers of English. Reprinted with permission.

Zucker, L. (2018). An imaginary party sparks academic conversations. New Jersey English Journal, 9-11.

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