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Lauren Zucker Delivers “Teacher-Writers & Publication” Keynote at National Writing Project Event

On March 15, 2023, Lauren Zucker gave a keynote entitled “Teacher-Writers & Publication” at a National Writing Project “Connecting the Network” event hosted by the Drew Writing Project (DWP). The keynote slides are included below.

Zucker has been a member of the DWP (formerly, the Digital Literacies Collaborative) since 2014 and serves as a NWP Teacher Consultant (TC), providing professional development through school partnerships. In her keynote, Zucker drew from her experience as a high school and college educator, teacher-writer, and editor of New Jersey English Journal.

Attendees were welcomed by DWP Director Dr. Kristen Turner. The event featured a panel of DWP Teacher Consultants, Shannon Faulkner, Garrett Van Curen, and Annie Yon, whose work had been recently published in the 2022 issue of New Jersey English Journal. The panel was moderated by DWP Co-Director Gary Pankiewicz, and Maggie Devine, Assistant Coordinator of TC Development. Attendees joined writing circles led by TCs, where they were given time to write together and share ideas.

Want to learn more about writing for publication? Contact Zucker via the About page to discuss collaborations.

DWP Zucker Keynote 3.15.23 by zuckerl

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